Monday, November 17, 2008

ZPIA - Zionist Party of Israel in America

comes to America!

President-Elect ObamaRahm-a and Loser McCain
announced the formation of a new political party in America!
(pronounced ZIP-PEE-EYE-YEAH)

Their joint statement reads as follows:

"We are both sick and tired of playing this ridiculous
Republicans vs Democrats game of charade.
Let's face it, just about every American knows that
both of those antiquated parties are run by
America's Zionist masters in Israel.
Heck - they funded both of our campaigns
and the winner was decided by a toss-up in Tel Aviv.

Rahmbo tossed the coin (and kept it) and it came up:
ObamaRahm-a (Tails).
We both LOVE Israel to pieces
and are particularly fond of gefilte fish and borscht.
Future Elections will be as easy as Pie
and that will be the logo of the new ZPIA Party.
The 'Good Guys' in Israel (not to be confused with 'Goys!')
have agreed that it can be Apple Pie - YIPPEEAYAY!
Here's the new logo of America's 'New and Improved' Party:

Now doesn't that make you salivate?
Go pick up a ZPIA Pie at your local Deli!
(and best-of-all, it's KOSHER!)


Joseph Lieberman has just agreed to be the 1st
Honorary President of the ZPIA Party!
(He promised he will have no greater loyalty than ZPIA)
He also said:

This is the
(Get Ready!)

Chertoff said that all ZPIA Pies
entering airports, bus terminals and train stations
will be sniffed by his bloodhounds in Homeland Security
for clusterbomb pellets, poison, boxcutters and
before they can be boarded and eaten.
He recommends having all Pies blessed by
Zionist Rabbis, just to be sure.

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