Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh, say - can you SEE! beyond the Travail?

What is surely coming soon is GREAT Travail (Tribulation) - but what lies beyond the Travail? Will those Zionist Slimeballs and their god of Darkness (Satan) succeed in destroying America and humanity - and all hope?

No way, Jose!

The GREAT promise of God is that He will create a 'New and (VASTLY) Improved' Universe. Re-visit the 'Sons of Light' Home Page and read those awesome promises of God, fulfilled through the GREAT sacrifice of His Son, Jesus the Christ. There is good reason for hope for all those who have found The Way through the Travail of this earthly existence. In order to SEE! beyond the vain promises of ObamaRahm-a and his diabolical Zionist masters, your spiritual eyes CAN and MUST be opened through God's Amazing Grace.

"Seek and you WILL find"

"Woe unto THEM!"

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