Monday, January 12, 2009

'Gay Bishop' Robinson at Inauguration

ObamaRahm-a has invited Rick Warren and (Gay) Bishop Robinson as god's representatives during his Inauguration. If you are the least bit curious which god these individuals represent and which god ObamaRahm-a really worships (if any), I suggest that you read Pastor David J. Meyer's January, 2009 message on his Last Trumpet Ministries website. It clarifies what ObamaRahm-a's choices represent - and, more importantly, it clarifies which supernatural entity he represents! For more information on the topics of 'Christianity' and true followers of Jesus the Christ, SEE! my website and earlier posts in this Blog. There are passages in the New Testament of Holy Scripture which make God's view of homosexuality perfectly clear. Is the description 'Gay Bishop' an oxymoron? You betcha! Is 'Gay Marriage' an affront to God-the-Father of Jesus the Christ? You betcha! There is a Satanic movement in progress (Zionism) which seeks to overturn God's 'Divine Order' and replace it with Satan's 'Blasphemous Order'. Zionists are the driving force behind the 'Illuminati' and their efforts to create the New World Order.

Can gays be forgiven? Yes, they can! What is required of them to receive God's forgiveness? REPENTANCE. What is REPENTANCE? It means to 'turn around' (Ask for forgiveness AND Cease-and-Desist their offensive behavior).


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