Saturday, January 10, 2009

'Monitor' Roubini (Zionist Shill)

If you click on the RGE monitor above, you can read 'Houdini' Roubini's latest assessment of America's economic future for 2009 and beyond. Like those other Zionist Shills, Karl Denninger and Mike 'Knish-Mish' Shedlock (among many others), what is TOTALLY MISSING from their (otherwise accurate) assessments, is any reference to WHO DID IT (Israeli and American Zionists and their Goy stooges - like Hanky-Panky Paulson and many others). Besides that, this particular Zionist reptilian is still reluctant to use the 'D' word (DEPRESSSION), which is now common among most economic analysts. Not only that, this particular Zionist Slimeball even supports the actions of TPTB (like Bush, Bernanke and ObamaRahm-a) which have been and are designed to GUARANTEE and ACCELERATE TOTAL SYSTEMIC FAILURE of the American and Global economies - and their societies and political structures. Can you find 'Zionist New World Order' mentioned anywhere in 'Houdini' Roubini's articles? The operative word here is DECEPTION - which is the hallmark of Zionist Israel and of the Devil! BEWARE of the Deceptive Zionist Slimeballs (Reptilians - THEY LIVE!)


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