Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How did we get here? (Depression)

Below is Karl Denninger's answer (Market Ticker) to the question of how America got into this 'Financial Armageddon' MESS:

"We got here as a consequence of government idiocy." (excerpt from 2/17/09 article)


We got here as a direct result of the
to produce
'Financial Armageddon'

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Anonymous said...

There could be an entire blog dedicated to exposing that shill KD. I like how you put it the other day - tragically farcical. It really is. I followed KD for a long time but was surprised why he could never seem to connect the dots. For example, he had a good post about the evils of compound interest, but when I mentioned that the currency is actually the source of all debt and has interest associated with it, I was summarily banned from posting. So he is fine talking about things right up until someone connects that final dot, and then they are banned. I didn't even mention Israel or Jews or Zionists or anything. I simply suggested that the Federal Reserve is the biggest problem and source of compound interest of all time. Boy, he sure didn't like where that was going, lol!

On the Biden issue, the Zionists put one of theirs in there to make sure Obama doesn't pull a JFK. Biden is the LBJ of our time.

GodSend said...

KD is a brilliant feller who really understands America's economic predicament (like Knish-Mish), BUT....(you know the rest)

Several clued-up economists have fingered Sir Alan & Whirly Ben (Zionist Slimeballs) as the architects of 'Death by 100 Cuts' - Mike Whitney among them. Now Tim 'Tax Evader' Geithner (also a Zionist Slimeball) has joined his accomplices in implementing the guidelines of "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" in continuing to follow that recipe for 'Financial Armageddon' and ensuring that America's economy is 'cooked' (just like government stats).

KD and tons of other Zionist Slimeball Shills just like him, are engaged in a desperate (but vain) attempt to stonewall the obvious and prevent their sorry asses from being roasted in the not-too-distant future by about 294,000,000 VERY pissed-off and destitute Americans with bloodlust in their eyes.

It ain't gonna work! - Americans are easily bamboozled but when millions of them and their children and relatives begin to starve, they will form a VERY large posse, armed to the teeth, and seek REVENGE. In the tried-and-true American tradition, they will shoot first and ask questions later.

SEE! my previous 'Hang 'em High' post for more details.

I think Biden is just waiting in the wings (of the WH) until ObamaRahm-a missteps and is sent back to Kenya to poach elephant tusks and rhino horns.

Anonymous said...

I think Biden is just waiting in the wings (of the WH) until ObamaRahm-a missteps and is sent back to Kenya to poach elephant tusks and rhino horns.

Bingo! And the mere presence of Biden may actually keep Obama in line (depending upon how smart Obama is, and whether he realizes what Biden's true role is.)