Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Economy Fundamentally Sound"

Who spouted that idiocy, before Bernanke and ObamaRahm-a just repeated that deception in the last few days? You're right - that evil idiot Bush said it, while Bernanke and Hanky-Panky Paulson (remember him?) were busy completing the dastardly deed of destroying America's economy and robbing America's Treasury and future generations blind - first begun by that Zionist Sorcerer Sir Alan Greenspan with his 'Death by 1000 Cuts' interest rate policies.

If you believe that America's economy is 'fundamentally sound', you must not be among the rapidly increasing millions of Americans without a home or without a job or without Health Insurance. Nothing has changed except that a white, evil idiot face on the WH throne and his Zionist masters has been replaced by a brown, evil idiot face on the WH throne and his Zionist masters - all loyal to those same Israeli Zionist Slimeballs who spawned the Black Hole which is now rapidly devouring America's economy - and will soon devour most of the comatose population as well.

Thank God that pretty soon, it will be PAYBACK time. SEE! my previous post and the rest of this blog for details. Remember folks,

NOBODY DOES PAYBACK LIKE YAHWEH!"Vengeance is Mine" says the Lord "I will recompense"
Ezekiel 22:20


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