Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Most Worrisome and Very, Very Bad"

That's how warmongers and Zionist Slimeball stooges Admiral Mullen and Secretary of Defense Gates described Iran's ONE (unverified) potential nuke and Pakistan's independence from American meddling (bombing of civilians) - never mind Iran's ability to actually assemble a nuke or the ability and intent to deliver it to the Knesset - via Federal Express, no doubt. Did it occur to anyone how worrisome and very, very, very bad America's arsenal of thousands of nukes is - as well as the ability and insanity of its leaders to deliver them anywhere on earth? Why is the Zionist-controlled MSM headlining such saber-rattling rubbish from Mullen and Gates right now? Because America's 'friend and ally' Israel (who planned and perpetrated 911-I) is determined and anxious to waste more American blood and treasure (what's left of it) on the destruction, by American proxy, of its hallucinated enemies, Iran and Pakistan.

Check an earlier post on this Blog for a photo of ObamaRahm-a with his bosom buddy Netanyahu - new leader of the "Jewish People" (Zionist Slimeballs) who "control America" (A. Sharon). ObamaRahm-a is about to find out that a few days, weeks or months of sitting (Sp) on the throne of the WH come at a steep price. Ordinary Americans will have to pay that price - just like they will have to pay the price for 'Financial Armageddon', engineered by those self-same Zionist Slimeballs in Israel. It was PLANNED that way.

If the Zionist-engineered Grand Depression and 'Financial Armageddon' don't scare you, 911-II and the looming Invasion and Occupation of Iran and/or Pakistan SHOULD.


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