Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who (WHAT) is the former AIG CEO?

Did you guess:
How many Zionist Slimeballs are destroying America?

Do you 'get' the picture yet?

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By the way, that Zionist Slimeball above is
Hank Greenberg
- not Edward Liddy!

Hank Greenberg
is the Slimeball who should be dragged from his hole
before Congress. Then Congress should be dragged before the
American People - for sentencing. Why? Congress and the WH are
"Israel-Occupied Territory!"
(former Senator Fulbright)

...and NEVER FORGET the ULTIMATE Zionist Atrocity
PS to Karl D:
The "destruction of our government" (QE) is EXACTLY
what those Zionist Slimeballs have PLANNED all along!

It all started with


Anonymous said...

Glad you caught that KD comment, he is really working the feigned outrage angle. He knows good and well that the Fed will destroy the government as he seems to know what the plan is - being the Satanic Khazar rat that he is.

I am fully aware of the stranglehold the Zionist reptiles have on the government and most of the main stream media, financial system, education systems, etc. Just a practical question: What can the average person do right now to combat the rats and help God and Jesus out? We all know that Armageddon is coming but doesn't God have to start the cleansing process and then his followers will finish the extermination? Thanks in advance.

GodSend said...

God, the Father and Jesus, His Son, do not need our help to defeat the Zionist Slimeballs and those who worship in the synagogue of Satan. Their fate is already sealed (Ezekiel 22:20, etc.). As followers of Christ and lovers of God, we are called upon to "EXPOSE" the works of Darkness and to "Resist the Devil", wearing the "whole armor of God" for the protection of our life and wielding the sword of His Word. We are called upon to be defenders of God's honor in the face of Satan's final onslaught on humanity - carried on predominantly through his Zionist worshipers. Be a witness to Jesus the Christ and to His Father whenever the opportunity presents itself (verbally but especially through your actions). Jesus was obedient to His Father to the point of death on the cross. We are also called upon to be obedient to the Father - but, Thanks to Jesus, we are not required to bear the Cross - at least not literally (although some have in the past and others may in the future). We are mainly called upon to be "Overcomers" of the temptations of the world and of the flesh in our personal lives. What will be the result? Here's how Paul put it: "When I am weak, then I am strong" - a willing bondslave to Jesus. When our lives are a witness to Christ and His Divine (spiritual) nature, we begin to attain to His full stature and the Devil will flee from us like Hell (and to Hell).

That's quite enough of a challenge! ;)

We have no direct role in the execution of God's Judgment - unless He clearly chooses us for such a role.

"He will also do it".

Finally, we are to issue a warning to those who have fallen prey to the Devil's temptations (the Gospel contains a very serious warning). ObamaRahm-a is a good example of someone who has succumbed to the Devil's temptation. The 'glory' of sitting on the WH throne for a while and feeling important will prove to be utter vanity and the path to destruction. Of course, it's very likely that ObamaRahm-a entered into his pact with the Devil (represented by Israeli Zionists) with the full knowledge of the price he will have to eventually pay. That price is forsaking Eternal Life in the presence of God (permanent separation from God). No amount of earthly glory and power is worth paying that unimaginable and horrible price!

Study my website and blog for a more complete answer (especially the links to the TAS material).