Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stargates for the Alien Race

Perhaps you have heard of the HUGE military bases which have recently been built by America in Iraq and Afghanistan? Does 'Camp Anaconda' say it all?! If you don't like 'Anaconda', how about 'Viper', 'Adder' and 'Diamondback'? Obviously, these facilities are NOT of a temporary nature and have an enduring purpose. What about the rest of the American Military bases throughout the world? Do they also have an enduring purpose - and what is that purpose? What about the HUGE American Embassy which has been built in Iraq - WHO are THEY expecting to visit there? Is America getting ready to occupy and control the world? If not, WHO IS? Just WHO is planning to use the vast network of ALL military installations of ALL countries that exist throughout the world?

WHOse Eye is watching Global Security?

Does this Eye look familiar?
(check recent posts here to SEE! more)

For the uninitiated, the Eye of Horus is a Reptilian Eye!

The vast network of Global Military bases (especially the ones in Iraq and the Middle East) has been designed and built for the RETURN of some EXPECTED VISITORS to facilitate their control of the future (Reptilian Slimeball) 'New World Order'. WHO created the Global Security (Military) network - REALLY? Do ALL of the world's Military have the same 'look and feel'? Is it really a FACADE behind which are hiding some VERY nasty Zionist Slimeball (and other) Agents of the Alien Race? Do you know that the Stargates from a previous time in human history are primarily located in the Middle East? Does the previous TV Series 'V' (about an Alien invasion) foreshadow anything about humanity's future? - and/or past!

What is 'Globalization' all about - REALLY?

WHY is ObamaRahm-a making cooperative overtures to Mexico and other Latin American countries? What are the 'North American Union' and the 'Amero' all about? What about the G20 piece of THE PUZZLE?

There are MANY MORE pieces of THE PUZZLE!


them ALL put together in the rest of this Blog and on my website!
(The 'Financial Armageddon' piece fits perfectly!)

The Clock of Human History is Ticking away the Final Seconds!



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