Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Servant and the Master

Who IS that clown with the weird hat - REALLY?"A servant is not greater than his master;
if they persecuted Me,

THEY will also persecute you"

Does the Pope look persecuted?
Does he look "meek and lowly of heart"?
Is his eye full of Light?
Will he fit through the eye of a needle?
Who does this clown think he's fooling?

"I will say to THEM:
Depart from Me,
I never knew you!"

How about these clowns? Do THEY look persecuted and meek?Gay Bishop Robinson (above)And what about this man?
Does he look "humble and meek" or is he a "rich man"
who walked comfortably in the corridors of worldly power?

Satan is known as the "Great Deceiver"
Beware of the "Elect" - Who "Elected" THEM?

THIS is the Master and Son of God!

Are THEY really His servants?
Do THEY look like His servants?
Who adorns THEM - REALLY?
Think about the
Alien Race!
Ganesha is NOT the Master!...and neither is Krishna with his 20 or so arms!

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