Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zionist Media Deception in OVERDRIVE

Well folks, as the world turns (SPIN CYCLE set on HIGH) and world events turn in front of our eyes into an avalanche of turds, threatening to BURY Americans and Humanity, the Zionist-controlled MSM (MainStream Media) is feverishly engaged in polishing them - so that they are made to appear to us as Golden Delicious apples. Does that remind you of the Garden of Eden in the Last Days before the BANISHMENT? It should. My advice is:

Here are some recent examples:

"The economy is turning around"
(The GRAND DEPRESSION is just starting)

"The Banking industry is recovering"
(MORE BANKruptcies Galore are on the way)

"Consumer Confidence is improving"
(Consumers are moving into 'Tent Cities' and Caves)

"Peace in the Middle East is possible"
(over Israel's DEAD BODY - GREAT IDEA!)

"Home Sales are picking up"
(Residential and Commercial RE is littered with corpses)

"New cars are great bargains now"
(If you never need Replacement Parts)

"China will buy American Treasuries forever"
(China is getting ready to 'BUY AMERICA')

"Unemployment is looking up"
(Try to get a job - ANY job)

"Zionist Israel loves America"
(Zionist Israel 'LOVES' America - TO PIECES!)
(USS Liberty attack)
(JFK assassination)
(Great Depression)
etc., etc.,etc.

Well, you get the idea, right?!

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