Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Depression II or GRAND DEPRESSION?

Folks, one more time - what's coming is NOT the Great Depression II. What's just beyond the Horizon and creeping INEVITABLY across the Land, brought to us courtesy of some VERY nasty and diabolical Zionist Slimeballs, is the Terminal Event of the GRAND DEPRESSION. Nothing like it has EVER been experienced before OR will EVER be experienced again. After crossing the Event Horizon of the Black Hole, already an established FACT, comes a SINGULARITY - it will be...


Wanna know how to prepare for it? STUDY my website and this Blog VERY CAREFULLY (including LINKS) - and COMPLY with ALL instructions. Time will EXPIRE (along with a whole lotta folks) before you can count to 2012.

(NOT to the Zionist Media)



Programuotojas said...

great! you really are the sons of light! Now I understand better what is America. Greetings from Lithuania!

GodSend said...

Welcome! It's always a pleasure to meet a like-minded fellow Lithuanian (Memel - when Lithuania was part of Germany). America was once a great country - until the Zionists started their subversive invasion on behalf of the Alien Race. THEY (who LIVE!) were looking for a 'poodle' to order around and retrieve up their schticks (and do other tricks) - and THEY found a VERY obedient one! Any Zionist Slimeballs in Lithuania?