Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Check the current value (8/5/09) of Edgar J. Steele's American nickel
(NOTE the Orifice of the Alien Race {Red Circle} on the nickel)

If you think that Government intervention to 'GOOSE' the Economy ('Cash-for-Clunkers' and DEFICIT spending to the tune of $1.8TRILLION) is good, then you are MISSING THE POINT of all this intervention! THE POINT (sharpened by Zionist Slimeball Sharpies) is to GUARANTEE that the GRAND DEPRESSION (already in progress) will be FAR DEEPER and GRANDER than it would be WITHOUT Government intervention. In other words, our Zionist-controlled Federal Government (ObamaRahm-a and CONgress) is taking all the steps necessary to ENSURE that there will be a TOTAL COLLAPSE of the American (and Global) economies just a little further down the road - to OBLIVION. WHY are THEY doing that? Because TOTAL COLLAPSE (economic and social and political) is NECESSARY before 911-II can be staged to justify declaration of MARTIAL LAW and establishing the Zionist NWO (New World Order) and GREATER ISRAEL. Before the WINGED SERPENT of the ALIEN RACE can emerge from the shadows and rise, there must be ASHES EVERYWHERE.

"ASHES, ASHES - we ALL fall down!"

Simple, huh?
(was 911 another HUMAN SACRIFICE to the ALIEN RACE?)


Anonymous said...

Great post. GD1 was exacerbated and stroked in much the same way. The Zionist scum goosed GD1 to gain maximum control by driving non-Federal Reserve bank institutions out of business. After the stock crash of 1929, the economy probably would have recovered in a couple of years and 1930 was a cautiously optimistic time - until the other shoe dropped in 1932 with the bond collapse! There are many parallels today. 2008 was a stock crash, followed by 2009 which is a cautiously optimistic time. The other show will drop.

These reptiles consolidate power at all times, but make great leaps and strides during times of (fabricated) crises. Maybe they thought GD1 was THE moment but later reconsidered? Hard to tell. This evil plan is on a very long timetable and they are in no rush. They just need to make sure it is done completely and done "right" for the return of the serpent.

GodSend said...

The Great Deception (Now and during the Great Depression) is that the Root Cause of both of these events (Zionists - agents of the Alien Race) is intentionally concealed by those sophisticated Zionist Shills who try to misdirect public opinion. Everything is planned meticulously, including the LIES published in the Media. It's very interesting that these shills are extremely accurate in their analysis of the problem - THEY just conveniently IGNORE that Zionists are the Root Cause (just like 911 and other 'False-Flag' attacks on America by Zionist Israel, its thousands of katsas and sayanim and its many Goy stooges in key positions.

Good comment!