Friday, August 14, 2009


The Financial Markets' current "Bear Market Rally", conjured up by Zionist Slimeballs at Goldman Sachs and in other, similar places to help them unload their old Market 'positions' and assume new ones, is about to conclude as it becomes SELF-EVIDENT that the Government 'GOOSING' of the American Economy ('Cash-for-Clunkers' and other deceptive and fundamentally USELESS 'stimulus' programs) has FAILED to alter the FUNDAMENTALS for the PLANNED 'Financial Armageddon'. You SEE!, those Zionist Slimeballs who set this (partial) Chain of Criminal Events in motion MANY years ago (SEE! "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"), are NO DUMMIES, but Zionist Ivy League-educated EVIL geniuses, PhDs and Gurus of the 'Great Depression' with names like Greenspan, Bernanke, Blankfein, Geithner, etc. The names are similar to the names of some other Zionist Slimeballs who, among MANY other Crimes, also perpetrated...

(an 'Act of War' by Zionist Israel against America)
911 was Step #1 in the Zionist Slimeball PLAN to BLOW UP America!


...the rest of this Blog and my website for the LONG list of names - or go HERE. Read Bob Chapman's recent article about the almost-true state of affairs of the American Economy for a REALITY CHECK. (And YES, Bob Chapman is ANOTHER one of those clever but DECEPTIVE Zionist Shills who don't mention or connect the Zionist Bloody Blobs!). Bill Bonner of 'Daily Reckoning' also makes a recent stab at REALITY, but it, too, is fundamentally TOOTHLESS and ZIONLESS. As soon as 2012, ALL 'Bets are OFF the Table' and the LAST 'World Wonder' will be the VAST PARKING LOT of "New Khazaria" (Israel)! Finally, this piece of near-REALITY by Jim Willie is enough to give everybody the 'Willies'. As always, look for the keyword 'Zionism' to make sure that Jimmy isn't trying to pull the old Zionist Slimeball 'Hat Trick' off on YOU!

SEE! Ezekiel 22:20 for the gory details of Zionism's future.

Meanwhile, remember that the keyword for 2010 is:


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