Monday, September 14, 2009

911: ZIORex has no clothes!

The Reichstag Fire, engineered by Goebbel's Propaganda machine to deceive Germans and serve the interests of Hitler's Nazi Germany, was CHILD'S PLAY when compared with the Israeli MOSSAD's 'False-Flag' (DECEPTION) machine, which engineered the ATTACK on AMERICA on 9/11/2001 during the Bush reign. One difference is that the 911 HOAX and 'Official' explanation of 911 has by now been THOROUGHLY DISCREDITED. You have to be a Zionist, Zionist Shill, 'ostrich with its head in the sand' or IDIOT to continue to mouthe and/or believe the 'Official' 911 BS in the face of all the contrary EVIDENCE. ZIONIST ISRAEL, along with its ZIONIST SLIMEBALL Stooges, DID 911, constituting both an ACT of WAR against America and an ACT of TREASON by those American sayanim who aided Israel in the attack or its subsequent COVER-UP. The Zionist-CONTROLLED Mainstream Media, which describes the world which we ('officially') see, simply STONEWALLS this SELF-EVIDENT FACT. Does this scenario remind you of "The Emperor has no clothes" Fairytale? It should!

Zionist Israel is "New Khazaria" - Homeland of the Barbarians and
"The Synagogue of Satan"

How do the Zionist Slimeball Shills deal with this Orwellian situation? Well, they borrow another Page out of the Nazi Propaganda (Hidden) Handbook. The Page is titled: DIVERSION. If you follow the Blogs of the Super and Ultra Zionist Slimeball Shills mentioned and linked in earlier posts in this Blog, you will have discovered how this strategy works. THEY talk about everything under the sun EXCEPT the most MONSTROUS CRIME of our Age. THEY talk about their vacations, their hobbies, their children, their businesses, the economy and ANY other meaningless TRIVIA in an effort to APPEAR human and concerned with the same day-to-day problems and topics that concern human beings. You might call it the "Joe 6-pack approach". MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT! - their OBJECTIVE is to TAKE YOUR MIND OFF the GREATEST CRIME ever committed against America by the GREATEST CRIMINALS ever assembled to DESTROY AMERICA and HUMANITY! And YES, it is STILL BEING COMMITTED RIGHT NOW in the POST-MORTEM stage.

Are THEY doing all this to SAVE THEIR OWN SLIMY BUTTS as well as those of their Zionist Slimeball Buddies and to CONCEAL the identity of their CONTROLLERS of the ALIEN RACE? YOU BETCHA!

ZIORex is stark naked and GUILTY!
is still dripping from his Orifice and Tentacles!
(See earlier posts for the ZIORex Identity and Mugshot)

There are VERY GOOD REASONS why Neturei Karta True Torah Jews say:


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