Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Speculative 'Recovery' BUBBLE

So the Central Banksters think that Whirly Ben has done pure (BLACK) MAGIC with his 'Stimulus' programs, Bail-outs, flood of fiat $$$ and BURDENING future generations of Americans with untold $TRILLIONS of new DEBT (which can NEVER be repaid). What do YOU think of this 'Recovery'? Is the projected $9+TRILLION Federal Deficit ADD-ON, conservatively projected for the next 10 years, a sign of economic 'Recovery'? Is the Bear Market Rally a sign of fundamental 'Recovery'? Is gold at $1000/oz (and going a lot higher) a sign of economic 'Recovery'. Is the Banking system really sound and in 'Recovery' mode? When dozens of States are running RECORD BUDGET DEFICITS and Tax Revenue is SHRINKING, is that a sign of economic 'Recovery'? When 'Investors' are starting to pick up (and attempt to FLIP) housing REO 'bargains' with 'funny money', is it a sign that Housing is in 'Recovery' and getting back to 'normal'? What about all those mysterious 'Green Shoots'? Will they grow into edible plants and skyrocketing employment? Well, I don't know what kind of crystal ball you're gazing into, BUT in the REAL WORLD of 20+% Unemployment (and going up), record-setting Foreclosures (and going up), record-setting Bankruptcies and Bank Failures (and going up), etc., etc., etc., the supposed 'Recovery' is nothing more than a TEMPORARY SPECULATIVE BUBBLE, conjured up with tons of 'funny money' dropping from Whirly Ben's helicopter. DO remember that Whirly Ben is a Zionist Slimeball - like Sir Alan!

Have you noticed that despite the veritable flood of $, a DEFLATIONARY DEPRESSION is in progress? DISCRETIONARY SPENDING is dropping like a rock and prices for just about everything are dropping along with it. If you haven't noticed it yet, YOU WILL! Speculation and Government 'Stimulus' schemes are NO SUBSTITUTES for DECENT JOBS - and I don't mean Burger flipping, tree-trimming, grass-cutting, ditch-digging or Public Sector paper-shuffling jobs, either. If you really want to know just how BAD things are going to get, read some books on the Great Depression - or see "They shoot horses, don't they?" and then multiply their SUFFERING by 10. The coming GRAND DEPRESSION will be a perfect '10'. Why? Because those Zionist Slimeballs PLANNED it that way!

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"
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