Monday, September 21, 2009

Had a slice of REALITY lately?

Events have been engineered by Zionist Slimeballs to cause a Deflationary Depression - aka the GRAND DEPRESSION. Zionist Slimeball Shills are falling all over themselves, trying to CONCEAL and BURY the 'WHO DID IT' truth behind a BUBBLE of BABBLE, just like THEY try to conceal the SELF-EVIDENT TRUTH about who did 911. NONE in the MSM and VERY FEW in cyberspace DARE to connect the Bloody Zionist Blobs! When you digest the following slices of REALITY, served up by Bob Chapman "Our government LIES about EVERYTHING" (International Forecaster) and Paul Craig Roberts "The Economy is a LIE, too!",

remember that the bakers of this 'Cake' of Deliberate Destruction and Deception, being force-fed to millions of Americans by the ZIONIST-CONTROLLED MSM {MainStreamMedia}, are Zionist Slimeballs - like Sir Alan, Whirly Ben, Tax Cheat Tim and their Zionist 'Auslege' Goy Stooges like ObamaRahm-a, Joseph Biden, Hanky Panky Paulson and hundreds if not thousands of others, busily at work in the Devil's kitchen of...
"The Synagogue of Satan"

want you to have their DEADLY 'Cake' - and eat it, too.

Remember, it's KOSHER!
(The 'Higher Authority' THEY answer to is Lucifer!)Devil's Food Cake TO DIE FOR (literally!)

Where can you find the RECIPE for this devilish creation?

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

Zionist Slimeballs KNOW how to 'DO' Depressions!
WWII followed the Great Depression
Get READY for the REAL Holocaust!
There are now ≈ 6 million Zionists in "New Khazaria" {Israel}
Ezekiel 22:20
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