Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beyond the Illuminati: The ALIEN RACE

The 'Illuminati' are rightly described in many places in cyberspace as a SATANIC (Luciferian) CULT (mostly Zionist Slimeballs), having its Roots (of Evil) in the "Synagogue of Satan". It's important not to miss the critical link to Satan as the "Great Dragon" or "Old Serpent", existing in another dimension - "powers and principalities of Darkness in the heavenlies". The "Great Dragon" has been "cast out into the earth" with his "angels" - aka DEMONS. DEMON-POSSESSION characterizes members of the SATANIC CULT. The HALLMARK of Satanism is DECEPTION - Satan is also known as the "Great Deceiver". It's NO ACCIDENT that the MOSSAD MOTTO is: DECEPTION!

911is a recent example of

Then we must make the crucial link to the ALIEN RACE of REPTILIAN Beings (Spawn of the "Great Dragon"), who invaded planet Earth thousands of years ago, having been "cast out of heaven". This ALIEN RACE of the "GREAT DRAGON" (aka the ANNUNAKI) traveled to planet Earth from their own planet (Nibiru or planet 'X') through STARGATES, several of them located in the ME - especially Baalbek in modern-day Lebanon and Iraq. THEY genetically re-engineered the human race and CULTivated it to MINE GOLD for THEM. THEY left genetically-modified humanoids behind to serve as their AGENTS (think of "The Matrix") to prepare for their eventual RETURN to planet Earth - to HARVEST Humanity, collect the gold and establish their SATANIC NWO. This is the true 'nature' of Zionists, who have a REPTILIAN origin and are obsessed with gold. Think of the GOLDEN CALF. Think of GOLDMAN SACHS. (Think again!). (Think a 3rd time!). (KEEP THINKING!). Think of the FEDERAL RESERVE GOLD and FORT KNOX! David Icke is 'on' to something with his theory of reptilians! Zecharia Sitchin has uncovered some ancient, but important pieces of The Puzzle!

Temple of Jupiter Orifice ruins (Baalbek)

The ALIEN RACE feeds on Humanity (Negative Spiritual Energy - which is purposefully generated through promoting violence, wars, degenerate behavior, etc.) through various human 'Assemblies' (concerts, religious 'revivals' and rituals, Hitler's NAZI mass meetings, etc.) and through TEMPLES, such as those described in earlier posts on this Blog. These TEMPLES (or their remains) are EVERYWHERE and have been part of human 'CULTure' since its inception. These TEMPLES look like gaping orifices (mouths with teeth - the pillars). Good examples in America are the White House, the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve building! Older examples are the TEMPLE of Jupiter in Baalbek and TEMPLE remains throughout the Middle East, including Greece and the Roman Empire. It is NO ACCIDENT that a WINGED DRAGON adorns the Papal Crest! The VATICAN is a superb example of one of these TEMPLES.

The medium of TV is another important 'Orifice' through which the ALIEN RACE and its ZIONIST SLIMEBALL AGENTS exercise MIND CONTROL over the human race! Think of TV 'Evangelists' like Hagee and MANY others, who are really ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS in 'Christian' sheeps' clothing. Remember that Jesus the Christ and Son of God REPUDIATED Judaism! It's not hard to figure out what He would say about Zionism. Even 'True Torah' Jews, like Neturei Karta Jews, REPUDIATE ISRAEL and ZIONISM - they equate them with NAZISM. We all know that NAZISM = SATANISM! SEE! my website and this Blog for MANY other fascinating pieces of The Puzzle!

Feeding Orifice of the ALIEN RACE!

'Honest'(?) Abe, sitting in a Temple of the ALIEN RACE!
(a penny for your thoughts)
Remember his Civil War bloody 'Offering'
(646,000+ Dead and Wounded)
to the

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