Thursday, October 29, 2009

'Honoring' the Afghanistan dead

Remember the American Military dead with an Afghan Opium Poppy!

ObamaRahm-a is in NO POSITION to honor those American soldiers he sent to their untimely and wasted deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. Meanwhile, he is pissing on their graves and digging new graves for the future dead. Their major accomplishments are goosing the global opium business and uprooting and/or killing and maiming innocent civilians. Our deceived idiots in the Military are NOT American heroes - they are just cannon fodder for the Zionist global agenda and business interests. Got oil, opium and blood (human sacrifices) for the ALIEN RACE?

Let's DEMAND that ObamaRahm-a honor the 911 dead, instead!
(by bringing the Zionist Slimeball Traitors to Justice)Here's just ONE of the MANY 911
("Auslege" Goy) Zionist Slimeball Traitors,
enjoying the World Series without fear of being
Does Zionist FOX TV have chutzpah by shoving
him (repeatedly) in our faces during the WS telecast?
The Zionist 'Big Apple' is rotten to its Zionist core!
In fact, America is rotten to its

is just another "Auslege" Goy Zionist Slimeball Traitor!

"You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist"
(Vice President Joseph Biden - yet another "Auslege" Goy Zionist)

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