Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zionists Blow SPECULATIVE Market Bubble

Will the Zionist-CONTROLLED Federal Reserve, headed by that Zionist Slimeball Whirly Ben Bernanke, succeed in FOOLING the entire world that a 'Recovery' of the world's Economy is at hand, by BLOWING YET ANOTHER GIGANTIC SPECULATIVE STOCK MARKET BUBBLE WITH 'HOT-OFF-THE-PRESS' TONS OF EASY $$$ (DEBT)? The short answer is: NO! The Financial House of Cards will CONTINUE its COLLAPSE later this month - in spades! America's Economy has been intentionally WRECKED, Unemployment has reached DEPRESSION levels and will continue to climb. Commercial RE and Residential RE are about to set new RECORDS of Foreclosures and Defaults, accompanied by dropping prices and a GIGANTIC build-up of INVENTORY - with nary a qualified buyer in sight. The entire Banking System is INSOLVENT. The auto industry and related industries have been GUTTED. The Federal Government, State Governments and Municipal Governments are BANKRUPT, with dramatically sinking tax revenues. Total Public and Private DEBT has reached astronomical dimensions, will continue to set new astronomical records and can NEVER even be serviced, much less repaid. If you're one of those 'clever investors' who are being SUCKED into Whirly Ben's Bubble, you have a VERY NASTY SURPRISE coming - very SOON. Watch GOLD! The GRAND DEPRESSION, now in progress, is "as Good as Gold". But remember, YOU can't eat gold! The stage is being set for - 911-II! (yet another Israeli Zionist 'False-Flag' DECEPTION - like 911-I).

"But I'm hungry, Mom!"

Did you ever wonder WHY the Federal Reserve is HOARDING gold?
WHO are THEY hoarding it for?
Remember that those Zionist Slimeballs are
Humanity has been unwittingly mining gold for the
WHO will be greeted in the HUGE American Embassy in Iraq?
WHO will be landing on all those HUGE American military bases
being built in the Middle East?
(MANY of those military bases have reptilian names!)
Guess WHO's coming to Dinner?
Guess WHO will be served FOR Dinner?
Truth is stranger than (Science) Fiction!
Remember, THEY also 'eat' gold!
(Thank you, Zecharia Sitchin)

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