Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MSM Unemployment News FLASH!

The Zionist-controlled MSM (MainStream Media) seems to have a lock on IDIOCY and DECEPTION. Today's HEADLINE is: GREAT NEWS: ONLY 466,000 Americans lost their jobs last month - the lowest Job Loss in 14 months! 466,000 MORE newly unemployed and non-taxpaying Americans is a good reason for the Stock Market to be goosed to new heights? There seems to be an endless supply of American 'Greater Fool' 'INVESTORS'? (or is the Zionist Plunging Protection Team doing its UTMOST for the Stock Market's HIGHEST with Zionist Slimeball Bernanke's HOT$$$ - AGAIN!?). That 'good' NEWS is about as 'good' as the NEWS that THOUSANDS more American soldiers are headed for the Afghanistan DEATHTRAP! Zionist Israel LOVES that kind of 'Good News'.

Deceived Americans are poised to trample each other to buy
that they can't afford
on Black Friday!

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