Thursday, November 26, 2009


Bill Bonner of Daily Reckoning posted an article on the DR website yesterday, titled: "Fiscal Calamity brought on by Clueless Troublemakers" . It might help his clueless readers to remember that Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner and others of their ilk are all Zionist Slimeballs, educated at the best (Zionist-infested) Ivy League universities that America has to offer (like that "Auslege" Goy ObamaRahm-a) - and THEY are EXPERTS on Depressions, understanding them and CAUSING THEM! If you study this Blog and my website thoroughly, the scales will fall off your eyes and you will begin to SEE! the true nature of these Zionist Reptilian Slimeballs and the titanic size of the CALAMITY which faces America and Humanity. So a better title for Bill's article would have been: "Fiscal Calamity brought on by Satanic Zionist Reptilian Slimeballs whose loyalty is greater than their Party and greater than their loyalty to America". A little long, perhaps, but it hits the Bull's (Swineball's) Eye! And, lest you forget, 911 was not caused by 'Clueless (Muslim) Troublemaker' either - but by another sounder (get the drift?) of nasty swine evildoers from the same herd of Zionist Reptilian Slimeballs, spawned and nurtured in the...

Does his article unveil Bill as just another deceptive Zionist Shill?


Bon Appetit!

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