Thursday, January 28, 2010

Congress Critters - a POST MORTEM

Majestic Orifice of the ALIEN RACE!

If you watched the 'State of the Union' proceedings in Congress yesterday very carefully, you will be convinced that the ALIEN RACE is here in force and has taken POSSESSION of MANY of those CRITTERS who CONTROL America - or the few still 'IN THE DARK' who THINK they control America. You could SEE! the Zionist Slimeballs (like Rahmbo, et al), circulating in the herd of 'Cattle' and directing traffic. Yes, my friends, THEY! control America and the Americans in Congress know it, just like Ariel Sharon said before Yahweh struck him comatose (as foretold in the Old Testament Bible Codes).

And there was ObamaRahm-a in all his polished splendor,
blowing out enough foul and hot air (aka BS) to fill the Hindenburg!

It was all
THEATER of the GROTESQUE!How high is the new $14.3TRILLION Debt Ceiling,
just passed by the CONgress Critters?

High enough to BURY and CHOKE all of us
to death under the National Debt!
THEY!'re not worried about 'future generations'
because there won't be any!

Do you have young children?
Are you 'mad as hell' yet?

Those Zionist Slimballs
who are DESTROYING America
(Ezekiel 22:20)
Remember, folks, "FATHER KNOWS BEST!"

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