Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope for Haiti! - Hope for Humanity?

The world has seen a tremendous outpouring of love for the suffering Haitians. Love comes from God. When Humanity pours out love, it means that God has poured His Spirit and Love into human hearts! God is working His plan for Humanity through apparent (and REAL) disasters and tragedy for many who may not have heeded His WARNINGS throughout their lifetimes. DO NOT BE ONE OF THOSE! HEED God's WARNINGS!

The Haiti earthquake is not the last disaster to befall Humanity in these End Times. The GRAND DEPRESSION is already taking its toll. The disasters will come faster and they will be far larger and MUCH more difficult to deal with than the Haiti earthquake. These events were prophesied long ago and they are now coming to pass. Are YOU prepared for the Return of Jesus the Christ and for God's Judgment Day? Only The Truth (Jesus the Christ) can set you free! SEEK Him - and you WILL FIND Him (while there is still Time)!


Is Haiti being "born again" from Above - out of its suffering -
through God's Love, poured into human hearts?

Will those who have been "saved" have a better life
than they had before?

Personal Salvation works in a very similar way!

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