Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coming: (National) Survival Economics

The GLOBAL DEBT CRISIS, growing by the day beyond the borders of Greece, Italy, Japan, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, GB and America (to mention just a few), will soon morph into a DESPERATE NATIONAL SURVIVAL strategy and ISOLATIONISM. The Global GRAND DEPRESSION, craftily conjured up by Zionist Slimeballs Sir Alan Greenspan and BS Ben Bernanke, is spreading beyond borders and will eventually engulf the Global Economy. No known economic policy can avert the COMING CALAMITY. Even apparently still-solvent nations like China and Germany will fall into the ABYSS, engineered by those Zionist Slimeballs from Zionist Israel who have infiltrated the entire globe. Expect to see EVERY country revert to EXTREME PROTECTIONISM to avert national, economic disintegration and social upheaval. Riots in Greece and other places are only the BEGINNING of rapidly widening SOCIAL UNREST which will culminate in Global REVOLUTION and CHAOS. Who will be the primary targets and victims? Governments (National, Regional and Local) and THE RICH (dominated by Zionist Slimeballs). Expect a GLOBAL POLICE STATE and an attempt by those Zionist Slimeballs to establish their NEW WORLD ORDER. What will eventually (SOON) happen to foil their SATANIC GAMEPLAN?


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