Sunday, February 28, 2010

Earth starting to come apart at the seams

The recent BIG earthquakes in Haiti, Japan and Chile are just small harbingers of Things To Come (APART) - MUCH WORSE Things To Come (APART)! The same holds true for the recent weather disasters in America and Europe. They will arrive with greater frequency and deadlier impact. Combined with the arrival of the DEBT STAR (see previous post) - designed, targeted and launched by Zionist Slimeballs (think Sorcerer Sir Alan Greenspan, Apprentice BS Bernanke and Tax Fiddler Tim Geithner) - Humanity is facing a...


of greatly under-appreciated and under-publicized magnitude. Some people refer to this coming CATASTROPHE as the TRIBULATION or ARMAGEDDON. Yahweh called it a CALAMITY.

Bigger CRACKS will continue to appear in the Earth as well as in the FACADE of Human Civilization. The Zionist-controlled MSM is doing everything in its power to DISGUISE, CONCEAL and MINIMIZE the origin, scope and impact of these DEADLY Things To Come - by Zionist Design as well as by Acts of God. The Acts of God are WARNINGS issued to Humanity by God to make us come to our senses and REPENT from our EVIL WAYS and REBELLION against God and His DIVINE ORDER. The Zionist Slimeballs are determined to DESTROY Humanity, while God is trying to SAVE Humanity (that includes YOU!). Study the rest of this Blog and my website for TRUTH which will help you to SEE!

"Remember your God before the silver cord is loosed"

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