Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Humanity: "Soulfood" for the ALIEN RACE

If you studied this Blog and my website carefully and you have been granted the ability to SEE!, you KNOW who is the "ruler of this world" and his REPTILIAN nature (the GREAT DRAGON, aka SATAN and the DEVIL). You will already KNOW that those Zionist Slimeballs from the "Rebellious House of Israel" are NOT Jews but AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE. THEY! also have a REPTILIAN nature, just like their 'father', the DEVIL (DRAGON and "Old Serpent"). THEY! worship SATAN in "The Synagogue of Satan", just like Jesus the Christ said. America's leaders (Past and Present, Republicans as well as Democrats) have SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL (like Faust), in exchange for occupying the WH or Congress or whatever other 'Office' the Zionist Slimeballs offer as bait.

The ALIEN RACE is other-dimensional and it extracts its SOUL-FOOD (Human Souls and HUNSE - HUman Negative Spiritual Energy) through various means, including WARS, TORTURE, VIOLENCE and MANY ORIFICES that have dotted the Earth's landscape since antiquity (the date of their arrival on Earth - when SATAN was "cast out of heaven").

The Vatican - ORIFICE of the ALIEN RACE!

The principal AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE (Zionist Slimeballs) CONTROL America, the UK and Germany - and large chunks of Australia, Austria, Hungary ad some other countries. Their HOME BASE is "New Khazaria" (Zionist Israel) - Homeland of the Khazar Barbarians (NOT True Torah Jews!).

ESCAPE from the clutches and MIND CONTROL of the ALIEN RACE and their AGENTS is only possible through being "Born Again from Above" and receiving the God-given BLESSING of SPIRITUAL SIGHT: "I once was blind - but now I SEE!" and "You shall know the Truth {Jesus the Christ} and the Truth will set you free". When that happens, "the world" and the MANY DECEPTIONS of "the ruler of this world" (SATAN) will be unveiled for you! Your focus on "the world" and Earthly life will CHANGE to a focus on the Ruler of the Universe (God the Father, His Son - Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit) and Eternal Life, yet to come. SEE! the opening page of my website for an eye-opening view of what is yet to come! If you've been searching and knocking on a bunch of different 'doors' to find the 'Stairway to Heaven' (Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics, Atheists, Ecumenists, Taoists, Muslims, Torah Jews, etc.) take these words to heart: "No one comes to the Father EXCEPT through Me" (Jesus the Christ) and start looking in the RIGHT PLACE for the ONLY DOOR to Heaven!

"Oh say - can you SEE!?

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