Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Voter message to Government: You're FIRED!

The INEPTITUDE, CORRUPTION and DECEIT of government officials at all levels has reached CRISIS proportions. At the Federal level, ZIONIST CONTROL of the 'Election' process has resulted in "Israel-Occupied Territory" (former Senator Fulbright) of Congress, the WH and MANY Public Sector institutions. The BOTTOM LINE is that incumbents will be FIRED in the next election and Public Sector employees who are riding the PUBLIC SECTOR GRAVY TRAIN to a life of leisure and early retirement at 90% salary at age 50 will also be FIRED! Citizen Action Committees will REPLACE bloated and CORRUPT government at all levels and will STOP the feeding frenzy of PUBLIC SECTOR PIGS at the Public Sector Trough. SELF-GOVERNMENT will become the new paradigm and TAX REVOLT will shut off the source of funds for the PUBLIC SECTOR PIGS. Meanwhile, the REAL HOLOCAUST will ensure that ZIONIST CONTROL of America will CEASE, once-and-forever! (SEE! Ezekiel 22:20). What will be the new BATTLE CRY of American Patriots?

Are you listening, NYFD and NYPD?

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