Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LHC: 14 TeV DOOMSDAY Machine

ANTIMATTER: Will it matter?

A few thousand brain-dead maniac 'scientists' with stacks of meaningless PhDs have been running around in circles at CERN for a few years (at Taxpayers' in several countries multi-$BILLION expense, no doubt), trying to "Play God" and launch a few Black Holes in the process. Fortunately for humanity, the LHC, in addition to generating a mere 7 TeVs to-date, has generated nothing but problems - THANK GOD! We now learn that another BIG BANG, not engineered by God but by these lunatic lobotomized Zombies with a TITANIC case of HYBRIS, is not likely to occur until 2012 at the earliest - just in time for the END of the world as we and the Mayans, Aztecs, etc. used to know it! The only saving grace in this ULTIMATE DISASTER scenario is that these 'scientists' will be FIRST to be EATEN by their cute little Black Hole creature. Not unexpectedly, most of these lunatics who love to "Play God" are Zionists! Their god (Satan) has been known to want to BE God - believe it or not! LOL!

As usual, God will have...

GOD cannot be found in SPACE!

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