Sunday, April 11, 2010

The BIGGEST Threat to America's Security is... illegally NUKE-armed and ROGUE State of Israel - which already used mini and micro-nukes during its Attack on America on 911! Zionist Israel is the author of the "War of Terror" and Israeli terrorists (like Rahm-bo) INFEST the ObamaRahm-a Administration, CONgress and a MULTITUDE of American institutions. Until that THREAT (and the Zionist Slimeballs) are ELIMINATED, America can expect the MOSSAD-engineered 911-II at any time. The focus of the nuke discussions in Washington this week should be how to ELIMINATE ZIONISM and wipe Zionist Israel OFF THE MAP! - the SOONER the BETTER - BEFORE those Israeli Zionist Slimeballs threaten the entire world with NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL. Of course, if Humanity fails to act, Yahweh will unleash His Anger and Fury on THEM! at the right time (Ezekiel 22:20).

Wondering what (who) is the 2nd-BIGGEST Threat to America?
His real name is Barry Soetoro (born in Kenya)Does he, like Lieberman, have "loyalties which are greater than my party"?
(and greater than his loyalty to America?)


After "placing" brainless Bush-it and odious ObamaRahm-a in the WH,
what would the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs do for an encore, if given the chance?

Salacious Sarah?

"I'd just LOVE to nuke Iran for Israel, folks!"

Just thinking about how close the Zionist Slimeballs came
to putting gun-toting, Israel-lover Sarah near the WH
should give any sane American

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