Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Christ-Denier is a TRUTH-Denier!

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
No one comes to the Father
except through Me."

There are many things in this world you can DENY that will get you into varying degrees of trouble with TPTB - whether you are right or wrong in your DENIAL. For example, you can be like Ernst Zundel, Bishop Richard Williamson and a handful of others who OPENLY DENY the "Holocaust". The "Holocaust", as advertised in "Holocaust Museums", turns out to be mostly a FABRICATION of a few Zionists who took a handful of facts about Nazi persecution and extermination of a (questionable) number of so-called "Jews" in Germany and GREATLY EMBELLISHED these few facts to create an institutionalized MYTH, CULT and INDUSTRY (like the "Celebrity" Industry - think Oprah and Tiger) to serve their own (nefarious) purposes. Some people call this myth "Holocaustianity" because it resembles another MYTH called "Churchianity". "Churchianity" (organized religion, purporting to worship Jesus the Christ) is really just another Industry - like the "Holocaust" Industry (see Norman Finkelstein's book "The Holocaust Industry"). The Roman Catholic Church is the most dramatic example of how the name of Jesus the Christ has been ABUSED (subverted is better) to create a worldly (corrupt) and powerful and wealthy Industry, headed by some joker CEO called the POPE. The "Holocaust" Industry and the "Churchianity" Industry have made some unscrupulous folks FABULOUSLY RICH! Of course, we all know what happens to the fabulously RICH when they try to squeeze through the eye of a needle to get into Heaven - they get STUCK!

The most DANGEROUS Truth to DENY in this world is the Deity of Jesus the Christ (the Son of God) - as Zionists and Judaics (and many others) are wont to do. Why is that? Because if you are a Christ-Denier, you DENY the ONLY Truth which can make you FREE! KNOWING the Truth and then denying it (Him) is the equivalent of INSANITY. Guess what? There is a VERY HEAVY PRICE to be paid for such willful INSANITY. What is that price? The price is ETERNAL SEPARATION from God - in this life and the next! You CANNOT possibly imagine just how TERRIFYING that PERMANENT condition will be. However, you can get a small glimpse of it by observing how Jesus the Christ reacted to the prospect of even a 3-day separation from God, His (and our) Father! When God Himself cries out in AGONY you had better believe that you do NOT want to be in that position for even a split-second - EVER!

There are many things in this life which are important to us - health, financial security, family, friends, social status, job, career, entertainment, possessions, hobbies, etc. When faced with a choice between any of those "important" things and Jesus the Christ, it's a good idea to surrender ALL of those things and hold on to Christ - NO MATTER WHAT! SEE! my website for similar good ideas.


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