Friday, April 23, 2010


ObamaRahm-a's latest RANT against the State of Arizona, trying to reclaim its share of STOLEN America from millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS (not to be confused with the ALIEN RACE), is an AFFRONT to the millions of Americans who created and defended America (as we knew it) with their blood and treasure - and those immigrants who entered America legally. Anyone who cannot PROVE that he/she is in America LEGALLY, should be DEPORTED to their country of origin (at their expense). Naturally, the Zionist Slimeball Left, under the guise of Liberalism, is ALL FOR ILLEGAL and UNCONTROLLED MASS IMMIGRATION and AMNESTY for the SCOFFLAWS (Leftist Zionist Slimeball George Soros, for example). Remember that the Zionist Slimeballs are HELL-BENT on SWAMPING America with ILLEGAL ALIENS as part of their GAMEPLAN to DESTROY America! An estimated 12-20 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS (most of them from MEXICO) inhabit America and are taking JOBS and livelihoods away from Americans and their families. In these perilous times (INTENTIONALLY CREATED by Zionist Slimeballs), ANY job beats STARVING! WATCH the Zionist-controlled MSM (CNN, FOX, NBC, etc.) go into a feeding frenzy on this issue and ATTACK Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for signing Arizona Bill 1070 into Law. The Tea Party needs to adopt another plank in its platform:


(NOT the legal Commander-in-Chief!)BACK TO KENYA!
(if he refuses to produce a valid US birth certificate!)

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