Thursday, April 22, 2010

A load of Bush-it from ObamaRahm-a

Ladies and Gentlemen,
please rise for...
Barry Soetoro
the (KENYA-born) (ILLEGAL) President of the United States,
MADE by George Soros (Schwartz), Hungarian Zionist Jew:Click on the cigarette for a good analysis of ObamaRahm-a's BS,
dumped on Wall St. and the American People earlier today.
One VERY IMPORTANT thing Karl D forgot to mention:

The Financial DEBACLE was DELIBERATELY caused by Zionist Slimeballs,
starting with that Sorcerer Greenspan
("Death by 1000 Cuts")
and his Apprentice Bernanke!
("TERRORIZING America with the DEBT DEATH STAR")Of course, MANY other Zionist Slimeballs
had their (INVISIBLE) HAND in it,
just like THEY! did in..."Good for Israel" (Netanyahu)

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