Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bull Markets are BULL!

Whatever is GOOSING Global Stock Markets to rise irrationally is pure BULL! There was and is NO ECONOMIC RECOVERY - anywhere! There was and is a GIGANTIC, GLOBAL and GROWING DEBT BOMB, ready to EXPLODE. The FED and ECB are simply ADDING DEBT on top of existing DEBT by their idiotic "bailout" programs, funded by less-than-worthless "FUNNY MONEY" (hot off the printing presses). GLOBAL (Sovereign - as in PIIGS, UK and USA) DEFAULTS are INEVITABLE - and so are the accompanying Stock Market CRASHES. WHEN (not IF) TSHTF, it will be TOO LATE to make it through the EXIT and any Greater (and Later) FOOL can expect to be CRUSHED in a vain attempt to Escape the WIPE-OUT WAVE. Meanwhile, the Gulf Oil is still spewing and will turn the Southern United States
(and the Gulf into the "DEAD GULF" - as in "DEAD SEA").

Anyone still "invested" in equities is playing "Russian Roulette"
with a bullet in
6 out of 6 chambers of the revolver
and Zionist Slimeball Ben's fickle finger on the trigger!
If you remain "invested", be prepared for a WIPE-OUT!
(Even your "Shorts" will be stolen while you're sleeping!)
"Investing" in the Stock Markets is no longer gambling!


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