Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel ATTACKS Turkish flag vessel

"An INHUMAN act" - literally!
who FEED on violence, torture and human blood!

It appears that the Rogue and Satanic State of Zionist Israel has attacked and boarded an unarmed Turkish vessel in the HUMANITARIAN AID FOR GAZA Flotilla, operating in international waters, shooting and killing or wounding more than 30 unarmed civilians in the process. It's sort of like bulldozing Rachel Corrie to death - only with a lot more IDF criminals, IDF helicopters and IDF warships (MADE IN USA) involved. It's time for the other NATO countries to come to the aid of fellow-NATO members, whose citizens have been murdered or injured and whose ships are under continued ATTACK and...

NUKE Zionist Israel HOME to HELL!
If someone doesn't do it now, someone will have to do it later (maybe even YAHWEH - SEE! Ezekiel 22:20) - when Zionist Israel will have a lot more German-built NUKE Subs with Dimona-built NUKE warhead missiles and torpedoes - or run-of-the-mill torpedoes, one of which the Israeli Navy recently fired at a South Korean warship to ignite WWIII and launch the Zionist New World Order. Be prepared for a WILD SCRAMBLE among the NATO countries, each wanting to be the first to...

"Wipe Israel Off The Map"

and receive the ACCOLADES of all Humanity, as well as the next...
Nobel Peace Prize!

It's time to EXTERMINATE the humanoid, devilish roaches in Israel
and INFESTING the rest of the planet!

International "protests" are not nearly enough!
The Rogue and Satanic Zionist State of Israel
must 1st be QUARANTINED (like a DEADLY VIRUS) from Humanity
and then
(Ezekiel 22:20)

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