Friday, July 23, 2010

Public "Servants" are Raping America!

Public Sector Retirement 'Package' - at age 45-50!

This is an OUTRAGE against American citizens, millions of whom are UNEMPLOYED, while their (mostly INCOMPETENT) Municipal, State and Federal "servants" are raking in fortunes in EXCESSIVE Salaries and RIDICULOUS Pension benefits. The Federal Budget WASTE includes NASA Aborted-MOON-Mission "scientists" who will now resume their usual activity of STARING INTO SPACE, while being paid astronomical salaries. That is INSANITY! Now here is something for ObamaRahm-a to CHANGE! (for the better, for once). Check out Knish-Mish's latest post on this issue. He has written many posts on this SCANDALOUS situation, which exists all across America. Is he, nevertheless, an ULTRA Zionist Shill, who protects Zionist Slimeball TRAITORS (911, the GRAND DEPRESSION, etc.) from EXPOSURE? While an OUTRAGE, is this another DIVERSION from the CRIMINAL ISSUES identified above?

YOU BETCHA!That would feed all illegal aliens for eternity!

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