Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It's nothing new! (poster from 1890)

The Zionist Spider that sits in Zionist Israel, has spun his deadly, world-wide web (get it?) across ALL of America and the entire globe! Cyberspace is being INUNDATED with Zionist Shills and their web-sites, all intent on CONCEALING the HORRIBLE and STAGGERING TRUTH that Zionist Slimeballs are behind most of the EVIL and DECEPTION in our world, RULED by SATAN and his worshipers. These EVILS and DECEPTION include (but are not limited to): the USS Liberty Attack; the JFK Assassination; the 911 Attack on America; the GRAND DEPRESSION Attack on America's economy; the "War of Terror" and "Clash of Civilizations" (between Islam and Christianity); etc. This SUMMARY of the Zionist CRIMES against America and Humanity is a real EYE-OPENER! This Blog and my website will reveal to you ALL the pieces of The Puzzle and the DIABOLICAL dimension of the Zionist-spun WEB which is threatening to CHOKE TO DEATH ALL OF HUMANITY!

"The TRUTH will set you FREE!"Are THEY (Zionist Slimeballs) Jews?

Of course not! THEY are...Remember, all (thousands) the little Zionist Shill spiders,
crawling all over the world-wide web, are
to the
("New Khazaria")

For the arachnophobics in the audience,
here is an alternative analogy:American "Intelligence" Agencies, discussing threats to America!


Average Joe Body Builder said...


I am very glad to see this website. It contains a lot of good information. Please feel free to contribute to my blogspot as well. I hope that we can respect our religious differences and understand who the real enemy is. Good job.

GodSend said...

Everyone gets to choose their own faith - for what it's worth. Humanity has a common enemy. I call THEM Zionist Slimeballs, which is short for AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan). John Carpenter was right in his film "THEY LIVE". We don't need special sunglasses to recognize THEM, though - just ask any of THEM "Who did 911?" A Zionist Slimeball will rather shrivel up and die than admit that Zionist Israel did it!

I'm glad you found my website and enjoy finding pieces of The Puzzle. Check out my wordpress blog as well (http://novalight.wordpress.com)