Monday, February 4, 2008

SuperBowl: Feeding the Aliens

The previous 2 posts explored Matthew Delooze's theory about an alien race feeding on humanity's spiritual energy and concluded with a somewhat modified theory. If you attended or watched the SuperBowl, you may have noticed this theory in action.

Leapin' Lizards Commercial
One of the Commercials showed a bunch of suggestively dancing lizards (really!), gyrating along with some sexy black chicks. The sexual message was subliminally obvious but the selection of lizards is the really 'interesting' part. You may have noticed that lizards, frogs and other reptiles, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, are appearing in the media - films, commercials, comic strips, etc. Unsuspecting brains are being washed and conditioned. How does this relate to Matthew's (modified) theory? Sexual spiritual energy, used in a lascivious context (lust vs love) is negative spiritual energy and feeds the aliens' appetites.


An article appeared on Matthew's website (now disappeared) in which he asserts that (some) music concerts may in fact be veiled (Evil/Satanic) idol-worship events and the spiritual energy exhibited by the audience also feeds the appetites of the aliens. Far-fetched? Maybe far-fetched but very likely true! The SuperBowl Half-Time show was actually the 'Main Event' for those devilish aliens - it was their Feeding Time! I'm sure the game was of no interest to THEM, whatsoever. So who arranged and choreographed the Half-Time show, full of occult symbolism and negative spiritual energy? You think that maybe some Zionists had something to do with that? Do THEY control the Media and Entertainment world? (You betcha!). What about the music itself? Who (or what) was being worshiped? Do Zionists control the world of 'New Age' music as well? Who are THEY (secretly) working for and whose nasty appetites are THEY feeding? Are these Zionists the 'Pied Pipers' who are leading humanity's youth down some occult 'garden path' to Satanic worship? Think about it!

The emphasis on various lusts (including sexual lust), so prominent in the Media and the world of Entertainment, promotes values which have Satanic connotations. Love has NOTHING to do with lust (or shouldn't). Love (including sexual love in the God-ordained context of marriage) is Positive Spiritual Energy, while lust is of Devilish origin. It's not surprising that the negative spiritual energy related to lust is promoted by the Zionist agents of that alien race!

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