Monday, February 4, 2008

God (Good-Life) vs Devil (Evil-Death)

The Answer

The previous post referenced Matthew Delooze's website and his theory about a race of other-dimension aliens who have set up an elaborate world system of occult sun and idol/symbol-worship to milk humanity of its collective spiritual energy to use for their evil purposes. Check his website for further details. Matthew makes an excellent case - as far as it goes.

Is this just a wacko theory or does it have merit?

I believe that Matthew is essentially correct - but there is something missing from his construct and there are some fallacies.

There is Positive Spiritual Energy and there is negative spiritual energy. Positive Spiritual Energy (life, love, compassion, nurturing, etc.) emanates from God - Who is the Holy Spirit. Negative spiritual energy (death, hate, cruelty, violence, etc.) emanates from the Devil. Positive Spiritual Energy cannot be used for evil purposes - that would contradict the nature of God (God IS Love, Light, Spirit and Holy).

Further, humanity is not on a never-ending merry-go-round of spiritual lives. There is ONE physical life for every spiritual being (human being) and there is ONE physical death. What follows is either rebirth as a spiritual being with an immortal body (Christ's Personal example and teaching) or the 2nd Death (Judgment before God's Great, White Throne and condemnation to eternal separation from God).

The Devil is the "god of this world" and Deception is the name of his game, as well as his own name - the "Great Deceiver".

Those aliens, conjuring up and sucking up humanity's negative spiritual energy through those occult symbols, are part of the Devil's horde of demons which have been cast out of Heaven.

Alien races are subject to God's omnipotence and they exist at His pleasure - or they cease to exist. They do not control human life.

ALL things in Creation
are subject to God's Authority
and they will be subject to the eternal rule of
His Son, Jesus the Christ,
when Time ends and Eternity prevails.
The Devil and his demons
(and human agents/worshipers - Satanists)
will be cast into the Pit - Hell,
in accordance with God's Word.

Jesus the Christ is the Alpha and the Omega -
the Beginning and the End -

and a New Beginning and Eternal Life
for the Body of Christ
in God's New Jerusalem.

I make all things new"

The Bottom Line?

Worship God
and tap into His bottomless reservoir of
Life, Love and Positive Spiritual Energy!
Our Positive Spiritual Energy,
expressed in worship of Him,
will be returned to us and those around us.

"Resist the Devil...
and he will flee from you"

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