Friday, February 1, 2008

Pyramids and Ferris Wheels

Pyramid at the Louvre

Every once-in-a-while, a new piece of The Puzzle shows up in the most unexpected place and 'out of the blue'. Without making any judgment about the merits of all the ideas presented in the linked website below, something is there that merits closer scrutiny and thoughtful examination. 'Serpent's Cult' appears very much like 'Satan's Cult', aka the 'Synagogue of Satan' (Zionism and the Illuminati). Check previous posts in this Blog about extraterrestrial aliens and their relationship to humanity. Sitchin's ideas about the Sumerians, the Annunaki and planet 'X' (Nibiru) may fit in very nicely with at least some of Matthew Delooze's ideas of an alien race feeding on human souls and human spiritual energy.

Great China Ferris Wheel

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