Monday, March 31, 2008

Monitors: Is Roubini a Houdini?

On the left is the logo of Dr. Nouriel Roubini's website. What is the significance of the 'monitor' lizard in his logo? Go back to my previous posts and review my comments about reptilians, lizards, frogs and similar 'slimy' creatures - both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Such creatures symbolize the other-dimensional alien race, which is trying to control and devour humanity - bodies and souls.

Is truth stranger than fiction? You betcha!

Just who is this so-called 'Superbear' of the Economics blogs and what is he peddling?

Wikipedia has a short summary of his life - from Orthodox Jewish roots in Turkey to his emergence in American, Zionist-infested Academia and familiar 'Establishment' circles. Do the names Chomsky and Dershowitz ring a bell? Do Zionist-infested Ivy League universities ring a bell? They should. Zionists come in all flavors and national origins but specimens of this species are most commonly found in the American MSM (MainStream Media), Academia and Politics.

When I posted some comments on the RGE blog recently about the originators of the 'Grand Depression' (Zionists Greenspan & Bernanke and their Israeli Zionist masters), now in progress (see previous posts here), a mob of RGE Zionist vultures descended on me, accompanied by the traditional and by-now stale Zionist debating trademark of insults and name-calling. Naturally, it didn't take long before the good doctor censored my comments to protect the tender ears and hearts of his blog groupies and unsuspecting visitors - from the self-evident Truth.

What's the point?

Zionists are everywhere, including cyberspace, and they engage in censorship (a more benign form of crucifixion). Beware of chameleon lizards and wolves in sheeps' clothing and what they have to sell. They need to be monitored constantly, before they devour all of us. Caveat emptor! And don't forget to ask: WHO? and WHY? If it concerns something dark and devious, the answer can usually be found in the Present World Order of Zionist deceptions. Some Zionists are of Jewish origin, of course. In their present shape-shifting form, "they are not Jews but the synagogue of Satan".

When the Grand Depression hits most of the 294,000,000 Americans full-force, they are bound to demand: WHO DID IT? When they finally get the right answer and the Truth dawns on them, their reaction is predictable! There will be "gnashing of teeth" and worse.

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