Monday, April 14, 2008

Are Zionist 'Jews' really Jewish?

"I know the blasphemy of those
who say they are Jews and are not,
but are a synagogue of Satan."

(Revelation 2:9)

So there you have it. Not all who call themselves 'Jews' are really Jews. Are all who call themselves 'Christians' really followers of Jesus the Christ? No way, Jose! In fact, there are MILLIONS of so-called 'Christians' who are NOT followers of Christ. Are all who call themselves 'Dr.' really doctors? As we all know, many of them are quacks. Just like 'you can't judge a book by its cover', you can't tell the true identity of a person by the label they put on themselves or by the pin they put on their lapel. Does the symbol of a fish on someone's car make them a follower of Christ? NO, but they would like the world to think that. Does the pin of an American flag on Bush's lapel (or anyone else's) make him (or them) an American patriot? The man is the anti-Christ and as deceptive and evil as they come! Actions speak A LOT louder than mere words.

So, getting back to the 'Jews', how can we tell if they are really Jews or if they are really Zionists (Satanists who worship Satan in the 'Synagogue of Satan')?

ANYONE who actively supports the Zionist leaders of Israel and their devilish policies CANNOT BE A JEW! Real Jews (like Neturei Karta 'True Torah' Jews), worship Yahweh and equate Zionism with Nazism - which IT IS!

Zionists (MANY are ex-Jews) have infested humanity - particularly Israel, America, Great Britain and Germany - with their devilish schemes, taught in the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'. They want to destroy humanity and create their 'New World Order', dominated by the Zionist State of Israel.

What can (or should) humanity do about this, other than make EVERYONE aware of this great deception?


Yahweh will personally MELT the 'rebellious house of Israel' in His furnace (Israel), where He has been gathering THEM for many years. When His gathering is complete, He will begin the MELTING. (Ezekiel 22:20)

"He will also do it."

Zionists are also known as 'Neocons' and they come in all flavors of political parties, including Republican, Democratic, Independent, Green, etc. Sometimes, they change their party affiliation as it suits them - Joseph Lieberman is the prime example. ("I have loyalties which are greater than my party" - we know what those loyalties are, Joseph!)

Who are (and will be) the primary victims of Zionism? Jews, of course!

Oy veh!

"There will be gnashing of teeth." (preceding the melting).

PS So what happened to the REAL Holocaust, you ask? Think about it! (The 'Jewish' population of Israel is approaching 6 million. There are also about 6 million 'Jews' in America.)

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