Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Israeli/American Zionist Crime Boss

Me, the leader of the Israeli/American
Zionist Crime Syndicate!?
You must be meschuggene - Try Hellerstein."

"I may be THE Zionist 9/11 Cover-up Judge,
but I'm not the Capo of Zion!
Try Chertoff"

"Why me? - Just because I look like Ben?"

"No, no, no - not me!
Maybe the other guy in the picture?!"

"No, Siree - it's not me! You're getting me depressed!
Try Dov."

"So you think I'm the Trillion Dollar rabbi, do you?
Do I look like a Zionist Criminal?"

Milchan, Saban, Gates, Feith, Perle, Lieberman, Podhoretz,
are in equal states of Denial.

"Yes! - 9/11 was good for Israel!
Want to make something of it?"

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