Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Latest Zionist Craze: Monopoly

The Gameplan?

as many Americans as possible,
then pick up their foreclosed homes
for a song!

What's the song?

"Hava Nagila"
("Let us Rejoice!")

Have you heard
of the 5 dancing (and singing) Israelis?
(9/11 Celebration)

What's the LESSON?

"Dancing with the Lizards"
will be your last dance!

PS When your Mortgage Bank or Credit Card company comes knocking on your door, asking for payment, tell them to get lost and that you did a 'WRITEDOWN'. They'll understand and will never bother you again!


xenoview said...

I like you sense of humor.

GodSend said...


But remember, he/she who laughs last, laughs best!

Make sure you're among the last laughing - and not one of those poor victims of Zionist skullduggery whose home is being foreclosed!