Thursday, July 31, 2008

America: FOR SALE


You might have heard or read about America's HUGE Federal Debt problem? - now $9.5 Trillion and actually more like $60-$100+ Trillion, if you add in unfunded Social Security and Medicare for our 'Baby Boomer' moms and dads! Every day, our politicians are wringing their hands in front of US, exclaiming "We are DOOMED!"!

Well, folks, all is not lost (or SOLD)! There is a very simple Solution to America's debt problem. What does a family do when they are faced with NO Income and HUGE Debt? Why, they have a GARAGE SALE and SELL the Family Silver, of course.

Well, WE ARE (all) FAMILY in America, right?

So, let's put some very desirable National Silver up FOR SALE and invite our International Creditors [China, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Israel, OPEC, SWFs - Sovereign Wealth Funds, etc.] to 'come on over' to see Cal - and have a look around and make some BIDS! We may prefer to LEASE some of these trinkets for, let's say 100-1000 years, with an Option to BUY at the end of the Lease.

Here's a list of some of our assets that are bound to fetch untold $TRILLIONS:

(except for the oil)

(one or more of the Islands,
not already owned by Japan)

Puerto Rico
(New Yorkers will LOVE it!)

Los Angeles+
(including USC and the Golden Gate Bridge)

Our National Prison System
(China will LOVE it!)

Homeland Security, including Chertoff
(Israel will LOVE it!)

Our Armed Forces, including Pentagon
(Israel, China and Russia will LOVE it!)
Our Troops will also LOVE it!

Our National Parks System
(including Disneyland)

(Mexico will LOVE it!)

Washington, DC
(including ALL of our
lobbyists, lawyers and politicians -
elected or otherwise)
ALL Americans will LOVE this one!

This SALE should raise enough Moola to retire ALL of America's Debt for generations to come and we can immediately go back to backing the $US Greenback with pure GOLD! Our Greenback will skyrocket in value - and we'll ALL be RICH until the day we die. Our moms and dads will LOVE us, too!

America II
(an idea whose time has come!)

subject to approval
by the
State of Israel

(remember, they
CONTROL America!)

(for details, see 7/24 Obama Post )


Anonymous said...

Love the blog and your basic viewpoint. I was reading novalight and had one question concerning your reference to Nazi Germany. You said "Note the extraordinary parallels between Hitler's rise to power in Nazi Germany and Bush's rise to power in Zionist/Neocon-controlled America."

While I can understand what you are saying in terms of loss of freedoms, it seems to me that Hitler and Bush are on opposite side of the great war. Wiemar Germany was bankrupt thanks to the huge war reparations that had been placed on Germany after WW1. Hitler believed (and rightly so, imho) that the war was unjust and was a complete Zionist fabrication, and all of the debt created thereafter and placed on Germany was invalid and should not be paid.

Furthermore, Hitler thought that the Zionists were an infection within Germany and needed to be removed before the cancer destroyed the body politic. While I may not agree with some of Hitler's hard line methods, he had the right idea about who the enemies were and what they were up to.

I also believe the "holocaust" was a complete Zionist fabrication, and this cannot be attributed to Hitler. What is your stance on all of this?

GodSend said...

Thanks for the compliment! - they are RARE - but I never expect any.

The important parallels between Hitler and Bush are in the events leading to their assumption of power and some of their actions immediately following (seizing dictatorial powers). This is demonstrated in the Epiphanies section and in other parts of the website. Many of these details are symbolic: the right-hand salute; the black dog pet; the (false) claim that God was on their side, etc. Also, Hitler and Bush are both Fascists who were/are after dictatorial power. Bush is in many ways a reincarnation of Hitler (involvement in the Occult - Thule Society and Skull & Bones) but a lot more deceptive - and there is obviously a point where the parallels break down. The Bush dictatorship is much more concealed in legal maneuvers (Signing Statements, etc.).

The major difference between Hitler and Bush is that Bush is controlled by Israeli Zionists, whereas Hitler was mostly at odds with those Zionists and a victim of their plotting against him and Germans. Hitler did cooperate with them in allowing Jews to leave Germany (with their assets) for Palestine - the new 'Jewish' homeland. That's a lie, of course - Israel is mainly a homeland for AshkeNAZI non-Jews! Sephardic Jews are considered a racial sub-class in Israel and are ridiculed and persecuted by Ashkenazi Zionists. 90% or so of all Israelis (and most American 'Jews') are Ashkenazi 'Jews', NOT descendants of the 12 Tribes.

I would not go so far as to call the Holocaust a complete fabrication by Zionists. I would say that they fabricated and embellished many details to suit their subsequent agenda for the Holocaust, viz. the fictitious 6 million victims, the gassing, the lampshade and soap propaganda, etc. All these claims were embellishments for propaganda value and have been proven to be lies, mainly through the laborious and meticulous research (at great risk to their personal welfare and careers, I might add) of 'Revisionist' historians who are being labeled as anti-Semitic by Zionists. In Zionist-controlled Germany, 'thought crimes' questioning the 'official' version of the Holocaust carry prison sentences! Zundel is the prime example. Similar laws have been passed in the States!

As I state on my website, the REAL Holocaust is yet to come - it will be the work of Yahweh and it is 'interesting' that there are almost 6 million 'Jews' in Israel right now (SEE! Ezekiel 22:20).

It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to make the distinction between real Jews and the fake 'Jews' - Zionists. Also, its the leaders who are the main culprits. They have deceived (like the Devil) many Jews and 'Jews' (and Gentiles) to think they are also Jews - but they are "...not Jews but are the synagogue of Satan"! (Revelation 2:9) Hitler did not bother to make this distinction between Judaism and Zionism. Bush, of course, is a Zionist - better described as an 'Auslege' Goy (that's German for 'window dressing')

Try to get a copy of Andrew Hitchcock's book "The Synagogue of Satan". It is an excellent review of the rise of Zionism (the Illuminati and Rothschilds). It tells the hidden history of Zionist influence in major world events (Wars and Depressions) and their hidden agenda for "Greater Israel" and the New World Order. Also read the 'Protocols' - they are the cookbook for Zionism. The world is just about ready to be cooked (and devoured) by Zionism! - BUT, as you know if you've studied my website, that is NOT the end of the story of humanity - Thank God!

Also be sure to read the many links - they add immeasurable value to what's behind the many photos and short descriptions (especially the Theodore Austin-Sparks links).

There is enough material on my website (and Blog) to keep someone busy and discovering hidden truths for a LONG time. Of course, the MOST important thing is to discover THE TRUTH! (Jesus the Christ) - BEFORE Time runs out (soon!).

All the 'News' will first appear on my Blog.