Friday, August 15, 2008

Black Hole goes Kaboom!

If the financial situation and markets in America seem 'under control' to you, read the previous post about Deception - and previous posts about the coming Grand Depression. The message here is that 'Financial Armageddon', PLANNED by Zionist slimeballs (like Greenspan & Bernanke) is INEVITABLE - it's just a matter of (a little more) Time! It doesn't matter if you're LONG or SHORT or whether you're invested in securities (bonds and stocks) or commodities (Gold, Silver, etc.) or RE (Residential and Commercial). The Game has been rigged by those Gnomes of Zion and the KABOOM will be heard around the world - especially in America. That's what they intended all along, and they made sure that there is NO EXIT for ANYONE (but themselves - or so they think).

Karl Denninger of Market Ticker knows that the KABOOM is coming - but he will never tell you who PLANNED it! An epic KABOOM of this magnitude does not happen by happenstance or as part of any 'business cycle'. The same diabolical slimeballs who brought 9/11 to America and who brought Dubya to the WH and who brought death to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens are also bringing you the Grand Depression (including the Housing Mess, Bank bankruptcies and the HUGE Federal Deficit, among many other nasty surprises waiting in the wings of the Oval Office and the Knesset).

Do not be deceived!


Anonymous said...

I used to focus strictly on financial matters and had no idea how inter-connected finance and the Great War were. One day I suddenly realized that all of the things which drive me crazy about markets (manipulation, obfuscation, asset bubbles, and outright fraud and theft) are all related to the big game and the big showdown between God and Satan. This may sound absurd to you, but I think Satan exists because God allows him to exist and may in fact be playing a crucial role in God's testing-ground (Earth) where souls are the real prize and the world is simply a test to purify souls for God. God doesn't seem to mind if the earthly flesh dies, He only cares about your soul. If God was to come down to talk to you, your flesh would instantly die as you stood in the presence of perfection. Therefore, He always sends down angels to talk to people and ultimately had to send down Jesus as there was no way for Him to communicate directly with people and they weren't getting the message. I've been communicating with you for a few weeks now and you have really opened up my mind and my heart to what is going on. How can I be sure that you aren't an angel sent to straighten me out on matters?

Anyway, without Satan there is no way for your soul to become pure enough to enter into the Kingdom with God. If you were the most powerful person in the world and you had a crucial job that required the utmost skill, wouldn't you entrust that job to your right hand man? So isn't Satan actually just God's greatest angel that plays the part of the Great Deceiver, Corrupter, and Liar? His main mission is to act as the Tempter in order to turn people away and separate their souls from God - to create a false illusion of what reality is. You have to admit, Satan is doing a masterful job of corrupting the planet, an almost perfectly executed plan of destruction. IMHO, there is no way that he could do this without God's blessing or at least without God allowing him to do that. God could crush Satan in a millisecond if He so desired.

Along these lines, Satan has a plan and the Zionists don't even seem to realize what the plan is, but God certainly knows. They are falling for the lie and have been totally corrupted and deceived! In the protocols they call for a Zionist one-world government and a king of this government installed by them, but in reality they will get everyone on the same currency and government and then hand over the car keys of this new "kingdom" to the Anti-Christ. This is when the world will burn and most people will die. I still think this is 300-400 years off at this rate. What do you think?

The Anti-Christ will likely be a very charismatic and powerful leader that many people will be naturally attracted to and will follow blindly over the cliff. The Zionists, by and large, may not even realize who the Anti-Christ is when he appears. There is no way GW is the Anti-Christ. He's too dumb, not charismatic at all, not eloquent, and not enough people like him. He's nothing more than a Zionist puppet/shill, just as Obama/McCain are puppet/shills.

GodSend said...

I agree with most things in your comments - about Satan and his role vis-a-vis humanity, for example. Lucifer is the fallen angel of Light - aspiring to be God's equal and deceiving man to lead him away from salvation through the Cross of Christ and away from the right hand of God, displacing him. The Earth is man's training ground, you're right, and the training continues until our last breath (for the true followers of Christ). We attain purity through the power of Christ's shed blood - the last and most important blood sacrifice. Awaiting Overcomers in the next Life is an immortal body, like Christ's, and an existence which we cannot really imagine - "Eye has not seen nor ear heard, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him". We will return to our original state as spirit beings but with immortal bodies. I prefer to think of us as spirit beings rather than souls. Souls are a part of the 'natural' man (the Self). TAS has good insights about this (see below).

I believe that the return of Christ is VERY near - on or before 2012. SEE! LastTrumpetMinistries (David J. Meyer) for a similar view. Texe Marrs seems to be in the same camp.

I highly recommend T. Austin-Sparks' writings for a comprehensive interpretation of Holy Scripture and its application to our (final) dispensation.

Click on the photo of Bush and the Lubavitch Rabbis for a very good article by TAS about Deception - it fits TODAY like a 'T'! I consider Bush to be highly deceptive - in addition to being a psychopath and sociopath (and nutcase). He's on a par with Hitler as an anti-Christ but a lot more deceptive.

If events unfold as I foreSEE! (within the next 4 years), Bush may prove to be the last anti-Christ. We'll have to wait and SEE!

The really important thing now is for the 'Body of Christ' (God's new 'chosen people') to resist the Devil (and Zionism) by exposing them and their deceptions - and to be a living testimony of Jesus the Christ - no matter what the consequences may be and before He returns. It's time to 'stand up for Jesus' and His honor before all those who are attacking Him, misrepresenting Him or denying His Deity.

I'm glad that we SEE! eye to eye on much of what's going on in our time and what it means. Let us be witnesses to Christ and His pre-eminence, above all else!