Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Born-Again Bush? (Deception)

When is a Born-Again Christian
NOT Born-Again?

When, AFTER being 'Born-Again'...

He is responsible for the torture, murder and deaths
of hundreds of thousands of people!

He lies through his teeth
at every opportunity!

He conspires to seize
dictatorial powers and abuses them!

He coddles up to
Jesus-hating Zionists and other Jesus-haters!

He betrays
the American people in favor of Israeli Zionists!

He worships
the Devil and Death (Skull & Bones)!

He violates
his Presidential Oath of Office!

He appoints
traitorous Israeli/Zionists to high Office!

He pardons
Zionist criminals (Libby)!

He conspires
to cover up Acts of War against America (9/11)!

He illegally
invades and occupies another country (Iraq)!

He commits
too many other criminal and unethical acts to list here!

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