Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Greater Israel" = Yahweh's Parking Lot

Israel's strategy to 'Balkanize' the Middle East (Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Iran) and meddle in Georgia, etc. to protect its oil and expansionist interests will backfire with Yahweh's Holy Fire around its new Wailing Wall. He's gonna Pave Paradise and put up a Parking Lot. SEE! Ezekiel 22:20. The gathering must be complete! It seems that Hashem has chosen Russia to light His Fire and strike with the Hammer of Thor. SEE! earlier posts for details. Also, SEE! the Prophecy section of my website. The American Armada is headed for Dire (Hormuz) Straits. Keep an eye out for 9/11-II.

Ever hear the expression "Playing with Fire"? It's not a good idea to play with Yahweh's Fire! Apparently, Zionist Israel is fated to find out the hard way. It's not a good idea for Israel to taunt the Russian Bear, either - especially since he's armed with a lot more nukes than Israel (and ICBMs for door-to-door delivery)!


Anonymous said...

In terms of 9/11, you're not suggesting that it was anything other than a Zionist plot to re-ignite the fires of war against Islam are you? At least the Muslims understand who the Zionist usurpers are and this is something that the phony "Israel" cannot allow. They will attempt to get a war going between Christians and Muslims so they can watch everybody kill themselves and laugh about it from the sidelines. does a pretty good job of exposing that cowardly treasonous act for what it was - an inside job enabled by constant unfettered access to the base column supports for at least three months. It turns out a Zionist bought WTC1, 2, and 7 exactly three months before they were imploded. The only three towers to collapse in the attack. Coincidence? I believe there will be another 911, and pretty much for the same reasons. The US is going into a crushing economic collapse and the Zionists will use this to establish more control over the citizenry and start WWIII with a 911-2 type of event.

Also, be careful about reading too much into Russia's moves. They are another Zionist controlled country that does the bidding of the Synagogue of Satan, and would never work for the good guys. I'll mark the Bolshevik revolution and overthrow of the czar as the start of Zionist control in that country, and WWI/WWII/WWIII as evidence of Russia's continuing Zionist ties.

GodSend said...

We agree about 9/11, including 9/11-II. Zionism wants to create a 'Clash of Civilizations' between Islam and Christianity. Actually, their ultimate objective is to do away with ALL religions and substitute the worship of Lucifer (their delusional 'Messiah').

Russia is changing and will revert to its spiritual roots and become the Hammer of Yahweh, especially with regard to Israel (the Root of Evil - Zionism or Satanism). You have to look beneath the surface of current leadership on display. Similarly, you have to look beneath the surface of current (including Obama and McCain) leadership on display in America. There are true American Patriots within the Military (as well as the rest of the country). The will become visible when the time is right.

Zionism tried to infiltrate Russia (Oligarchs) but they ran into a wall of resistance (Putin et al) and now the Zionist Oligarchs are mostly on the run - to Israel, of course. The recent Georgia 'event' showed that the Russian Bear is prepared to use his fearsome claws, when provoked! All hell will break loose when Zionist Israel/America attacks Iran (it's just a matter of time, an not much time, at that).

get a copy of "The Synagogue of Satan" (Andrew C. Hitchcock). It has a good timeline of the emergence of Zionism, including its strategy and ultimate agenda (as defined in the 'Protocols').