Friday, October 10, 2008

Can you say: NEW WORLD ORDER?

The Collapse of the Global Financial System, driven by:

CERTAINTY about the Crash
and justified FEAR about the dire Consequences
(Bush is lying, as usual - he helped CREATE the Mess!)

and now unfolding before our eyes, is NOT the result of some stupidity by Wall St. Financiers, greedy CEOs, dumb regulators and corrupt politicians BUT is the result of DELIBERATE PLANNING by ZIONISTS and their stooges throughout the world. Zionist shills like Karl Denninger (Market Ticker), Mike (Mish) Shedlock and 'Houdini' Roubini, among many others, are painting an accurate scenario of what is happening (and will happen) BUT they are NOT TELLING YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO DID IT (and ARE STILL DOING IT!) and WHY THEY ARE DOING IT!

That French Zionist Sarkozy is beginning to let the cat out of bag by calling for a NEW WORLD ORDER! Does that sound familiar? Does it sound like a GLOBAL WORLD GOVERNMENT?

Remember, those ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS in Israel have been PLANNING this for DECADES!

The American and European MSM (MainStream Media) has been seized and is being controlled by those same ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS - like Murdoch, Redstone and Milchan. They refuse to publish anything which points the finger of blame,

including responsibility for


at ZIONIST ISRAEL and its 'Auslege' Goy stooges in America (like Bush and Paulson, among many others).

You can read the full story on this Blog and on my website. You won't be able to change what's happening but at least you'll know who is causing 'Financial Armageddon' and why. You'll also learn that God's Armageddon (and a sealing of the fate of Zionists - LITERALLY) is next on the Agenda. Whose Agenda? God's Agenda! You can still do something that will determine your personal fate before God's Armageddon arrives - BUT you must HURRY! (Time will soon END and that means LIGHTS OUT!)

Remember, the ONLY and FINAL SOLUTION is:



Anonymous said...

The true meaning of life is gradually wanning away when you realise that you're living in an illusionary world.

GodSend said...

The true meaning of life is to discover Christ. You can think of it as a PASS or FAIL test. If you seek Him diligently and humbly, you WILL find Him and, by the Grace of God, you will PASS - and graduate to Eternal Life in the presence of God. There is nothing illusory about that. "God is not the author of confusion". It's up to each one of us to pay attention and discern Truth among the illusory deceptions from the Devil. God has equipped each one of us to do that.

Don't LET the meaning of life wane away! - it is full of God's exciting promises and hope of Glory.