Monday, October 13, 2008

How High Can A Dead Cat Bounce?

What we saw in the Global Financial Markets today were a bunch of bouncing dead cats. They may bounce a few more times BUT the Global 'Financial Armageddon' is INEVITABLE. You just can't shove hundreds of $Billions or even $Trillions of losses and bad debt under the rug - or paper them over with fiat currency. Those Zionist slimeballs who did this are NO DUMMIES! The titanic tsunami of easy credit and free money, unleashed by the Zionist Demonic Duo of Greenspan & Bernanke, WILL drown the entire Old World Order, as intended by the Learned Elders of Zion several decades ago. Before very long, we will see some signs of the New World Order and Global Government, manipulated by the same Zionist Hidden Hand. The dead cat bounces are nothing more than final opportunities for Zionist 'investors' to unload their garbage on unsuspecting 'Greater Fools'.

The financial markets are on Death Row and the Zionist Executioners are waiting under their Global Guillotine with a BIG Basket that has lots of Headroom!

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